The feeling of relief at having peace restored among the individuals involved was unexpected and wonderful.

Connie Menard, M.D.

We brought Anna in at a point when we had just undergone massive, almost convulsive, change. We needed healing, bonding and a sense of shared commitment. Through her process…all done with humor….she helped transform our workplace into one of greater harmony, communication and mutual respect. She is a genius.

Dana Badgerow, President and CEO

This seminar transformed my life. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t utilize the knowledge I acquired at this seminar.

S. Bennett, Operations Manager Wells Fargo

I’ve been to a gazillion seminars and this was the best by far. Anna is real-world and funny, and I learned skills I can use immediately.

Erin Simunds, Manager, Rehabilitation Services, Children’s Hospital, Minneapolis

In my years of leading and planning events I have never seen so much positive energy created by a presentation. Employees are taking deliberate steps to avoid “Cycles of Contempt” and to focus on problem solving.

Dawn Beck, M.A., R.S., Olmsted County Public Health

Anna worked with our organization at a crucial time in the development of our senior team, and provided lessons we are using years later. We find ourselves repeating iterations of “hard on the problem, soft on the people” all the time! Thera Rising’s tools really work.

Mike Crane, Director, Wisconsin Public Radio



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