Organizations believe they have a conflict resolution process, but they’re nothing compared to what Thera Rising has developed. I’ve not seen another process that has a possibility of working.
–Mary Karlsson, Principal, Mary Karlsson Consulting

The feeling of relief at having peace restored was unexpected and wonderful.
–Connie Menard, M.D.

I will forever be grateful for what Thera Rising did. It did not take them long them long to identify what was poisoning our process and provide workable solutions.
–Founding partner of a wealth management group (contact information available upon request)

Thera Rising’s message is both timeless and timely. She speaks straight to the heart of some of the most confounding challenges in business and life… namely how to create an environment in which people can play at the top of their game.
–Bill Mills, CEO, The Executive Group, Inc.

We brought Thera Rising in at a point when we had just undergone massive, almost convulsive, change. We needed healing, bonding and a sense of shared commitment. Through their process…all done with humor….they helped transform our workplace into one of greater harmony, communication and mutual respect.
–Dana Badgerow, President and CEO

Thera Rising received the highest ratings this group of CEO’s has ever given a presenter.
–Jim Anderl, Chair, Vistage International CEO, Leadership Development

Our leadership team was introduced to Thera Rising’s material two years ago. Their language and concepts continue to shape how we solve problems as a leadership team – it’s excellent!
–Mike Anders, CIO, Braun Intertec

I was introduced to Thera Rising in my CEO group. I was so impressed that I sponsored a session for the entire company and employee spouses!
–Tony Evans, CEO, Lorton Data

One of the most highly rated, and appreciated seminars we’ve ever offered.
–Mike Hageman, CEO, J&B Group

Thera Rising came into our workplace eight years ago and we still use their concepts – at work and in our personal relationships.  Their information is so powerful!
–Pam Corbeille-Lepel, VP, Lorton Data

I’ve kept the materials in the top drawer of my desk for seven years and three promotions.
–Graham Holden, CEO, Marshalls, England

I’ve been a Vistage CEO Chair for years and Thera Rising’s presentation is the best I’ve seen.
–Suzanne Kochevar, Vistage International CEO Leadership Development

My stress level has plummeted!
–Dan Janal, President, PR Leads

I’ve attended Drama-Free Work three times! I’ve sent all of our company managers and I keep the materials in my calendar. Thera Rising’s methods work and are applicable to almost any company, nonprofit or family.
–Keith Raisanen, President, Saunatec, Inc.

I use Thera Rising’s material every day – with our clients, my staff and in my home. Their strategies really work!
–Connie Schmoll, Executive Director, Safe Avenues

Thera Rising brought harmony, synergy and trust to a management team that had lost it long ago. The team is not only much happier, but they have strategies to avoid every stumbling to this degree again.
–Jonathan Kigner, Executive Director, New Directions

I have used the tools continuously for the last two years and they are incredible. They have helped many people – at work and in my personal life.
–John Michael Lerma, Supervisor, AT&T Broadband

This material has changed the way I lead and the way I interact at home. I teach Thera Rising’s strategies to my direct reports and peers because they make a difference.
–Darin Jensen, Chief Engineer, Bellcomb Technologies

Every corporate boardroom should have access to Thera Rising’s work. The ideas are groundbreaking and compelling and delivered with humor and depth.
–Mary Tribble, President, Tribble Creative Group

Business and Industry

Attending this seminar was the best money we’ve ever spent.
–Paul Jennings, QA, Rolls-Royce, England

It is a wonderful feeling to literally see people’s eyes light up as enlightenment comes through the life-changing truths found in this material. At the end of the presentation each person spoke with such energy and from a place of self-discovery.
–Bronwyn Owen, Thera Rising Associate, Kwazulu-Nata, South Africa

I read Anna’s book three years ago and it changed the way I work. Thank you!
–Scott Barash, LCSW, Employee Assistance Administrator,
Ventura County, California

I use her materials every day.
–Greg Lee, CEO, Carl Zeiss, IMT

Brilliant, witty, engaging.
–Terry Weight, Shell Oil, Netherlands

On a scale of 1-5 I’d rate this a 10. Union members and management benefit from these ideas.
–Scott Clothier, President, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2047

Employees raved about their seminar! This is one of the most appreciated seminars we’ve offer.
–Wendy Madsen, Director, Ryan Group, US Inc.

Hands down the best seminar I have ever attended – we can’t stop talking about it!
–Beth Hambleton, Practice Manager, Employee Assistance Center

Thera Rising’s strategies have deeply influenced the way we problem solve. The seminar is one of the most positive group experiences of which I’ve been a part.
–Brian Hase, CTO, Agile Frameworks

This seminar transformed my life. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t utilize the knowledge I acquired at this seminar.
–S. Bennett, Operations Manager Wells Fargo

This seminar was life-changing.
–Chris N., IT Engineering Lead, Agile Frameworks

This material has changed the way I lead and the way I interact at home. I teach Thera Rising’s material to my direct reports and peers. It makes a difference.
–Darin Jensen, Chief Engineer, Bellcomb Technologies

Our leadership team has grown and strengthened. We couldn’t have done it without Anna’s expertise.
–Matt Johnson, Partner, DLR Design-Build Group

I don’t feel like I am on an island anymore – with the pit of dread in my stomach. I feel like a wanted and valued part of the team and now I love coming to work. Our HR person said Thera Rising performs miracles and she was right!
–Michele (contact information available upon request)

One of the best sessions I’ve attended in a long time. I am using Thera Rising’s techniques in all my sensitive dealings with great success. This material is thoughtful, thoroughly researched and credible. Every organization should have Thera Rising speak to their employees – imagine the power of individuals working together instead of against one another.
—Cheryl Rezenbrink, CMP, Pivotal Events Ltd.

Medical, Mental Health, and Legal

Thera Rising’s material are out of this world. My stress level has dropped dramatically.
–Linda Schroeder, Executive Assistant, Olmsted County Family Support & Assistance Division

I’ve been to a gazillion seminars and this was the best by far. Anna is real-world and funny, and I learned skills I can use immediately.
–Erin Simunds, Manager, Rehabilitation Services, Children’s Hospital, Minneapolis

This material is meaningful and powerful. Yet, it is walk-out-the-door-doable.
–Nancy Anderson, R.N. M.A., Vice-President, Fairview Systems

Of all the speakers I’ve heard in the last years, the day I spent on this topic was very well spent, memorable and fun. I’ve kept the handouts and notes nearby for the last three years.
–T. Draxten, Regional Clinic Director, Health Partners

Where were you when I was younger? This information would have saved me years of turmoil.
–Sue Everhart, Regions Hospital

I was completely captivated. I recommend your work to EVERYONE!
–Rita Mahowald, MS. RNBC VA Medical Center

We are working with this material in our clinical supervision group – tremendously helpful!
–Katie Stanley, LCMHC, Concord Hospital, EAP

Thera Rising’s materials are treasures – I have told so many people about Thera Rising’s work!
–Cheryl Reynolds, Director of Nursing, Mayo Clinic

In my years of leading and planning events I have never seen so much positive energy created by a presentation. Employees are taking deliberate steps to avoid “Cycles of Contempt” and to focus on problem solving.
–Dawn Beck, M.A., R.S., Olmsted County Public Health


The best source on workplace irritability and tension.
–Matt Villano, The New York Times (US)

Thera Rising worked with our organization at a crucial time in the development of our senior team, and provided lessons we are using years later. We find ourselves repeating iterations of “hard on the problem, soft on the people” all the time! Their tools really work.
–Mike Crane, Director, Wisconsin Public Radio

I’ve engaged Thera Rising several times over the years. Their insights are invaluable to those who are desperate to find a way out of “Cycles of Contempt” that arise from playing the organizational blame and shame game. Thera Rising’s strategies work and produce results across a range of challenging situations.
–Cindy Browne, Director, Iowa Public Radio

Universities & Education

Even though I am severely jet-lagged I am conscious – Thera Rising’s work is brilliant.
–Gao Wei, Manager, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

I learned more in the first few hours of this seminar than I did in a two-year graduate program in mediation and negotiation.
–Faculty Member, Community College

People are in awe of how Thera Rising made the room safe to be able to discuss sensitive issues.
–Patricia Rogers, Dean, Bemidji State University

Drama-Free Work is a powerful experience. Thera Rising’s approach inspired immediate confidence, which allowed us to focus on our work. Faculty commented about their contribution to a tense environment when they had not realized it in the past.
–Teri Wallace, Ph.D., Mankato State University

We made our AYPs last year and I give Thera Rising credit. Their work calmed the staff, restored trust and allowed all to focus on work. The founder, Anna Maravelas, had such an impact that staff is clamoring to be more involved. Teachers requested curriculum to roll out her materials to students. Those are serious endorsements. I wish I had discovered Thera Rising earlier in my 18 year career as principal – their work makes a tremendous difference.
–Dr. Dwight Jennings, Principal

What Thera Rising does is magical. I’ve been to scores of teacher training in the last 17 years and nothing compares. The relationship between employees, and between employees and administration, has really improved. Thera Rising is one of the few providers who follows through and continues to meet our needs. Their tools and strategies work!
–John Hager, Union Representative, Math Teacher, Kellogg School

This was the best staff development presentation ever!
–Don Supalla, President, Rochester Community College


This seminar knocked my socks off – it’s the next frontier of productivity.
–Rod Sando, Executive Director, Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Association

The first time I heard this seminar I felt cheated. I wished I had heard it thirty years ago.
–Larry Gigliotti, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

What a wonderful legacy to leave the world!
–Maggie Capocasa, Department of Revenue

I was so impressed by this program I want my entire leadership team to attend.
–Heather M. Hunt, 911 Director, Minneapolis Department of Emergency Communications

Most seminars leave me with a “vision,” but Thera Rising’s training leaves me with vision, a start-up plan and tools I can use the next day. She is the one person everyone looks forward to hearing.
–Nina Semmelroth, Principal Manager,St. Paul Public Housing

My employees rave about this seminar!
–J. W., Supervisor, Property and Taxation

Drama-Free Work is truly a unique seminar. You can return to your life and work and immediately put these techniques to work. I think differently – rather than blaming myself and others I now focus on finding solutions and that makes all the difference!
–Chris Johnson, Minnesota Department of Transportation


I have been attending (and sometimes organizing) conferences for more than 30 years, and Thera Rising’s presentation was one of the best, if not the best I have had the privilege to attend.
–Al Brislain Executive Director, Harry Chapin Food Bank, Florida

I left the day-long session in a burst of endorphins. Did a long download with my husband that evening and he used some of the material the next day. Then I had an opportunity to do the same in the course of my work yesterday. This is good stuff.
–Rev. Catherine Malotky, CRC(r) Retirement Planning Manager, ELCA Board of Pensions

Unless you live on a deserted island and never have to deal with people, you need to see this presentation. I’m a better person and we’re a better organization.
– Sam Richter, President, James J. Hill Business Library

I don’t know where I’d be today as a manager if I had not learned these concepts.
–David Wehde, Clean Water Action

I heard how good Thera Rising’s presentations are but they knocked it out of the park!
–Lauren Sadowski, North Central Business Travel Association

A year ago our agency utilized the services of Thera Rising. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am. Anna took the time to get to know our staff and fully understand some of the challenges we have before us. Now, a year later the obstacles have been removed.
–Janine Moore, Director, Ramsey County Children and Family Services


The highlight of the conference.
—Myron Tribus, Author and Total Quality Consultant

Everyone is moved by these concepts – they are life-changing.
–Alex Ross, President, FutureThinking, England