Train the Trainer and
Advanced Skills in Workplace Conflict Resolution

Become the “go-to” person for resolving workplace tension and mistrust!

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Train the Trainer in “Drama-Free Work”

Become a licensed facilitator in our groundbreaking seminar.


Advanced Training in Workplace Conflict Resolution
Following Train the Trainer you can
build additional competencies by attending

“Advanced Skills in Workplace Conflict Resolution.” In the morning you learn how to facilitate “Strategies for Drama-Free Teams: Code of Conduct Sessions.” In the afternoon you practice a proven, step-by-step process for resolving escalated conflict between individuals.

You’ll Receive a Bundle of Products to Ensure Your Success

Associates receive a trainer’s manual for the seminar, Drama-Free Work,” the Power Point presentation, a video of the Chief and Officer, and access to the participant manuals including the popular, full-color “Key Concept” cards.

We are rolling out this program throughout our entire organization.
It not only teaches people how to resolve conflict, it motivates them to engage in the process.

Penni Perri, MSW, CEAP, Director

Steps for “Train the Trainer” and “Advanced Skills in Workplace Conflict Resolution”

  1. Attend “Drama-Free Work” as a participant.
  2. Grab your Associate’s manual and join the President of Thera Rising International, Anna Maravelas, for a fun day of collaboration, practice, insider tips, and customization of the seminar material.
  3. “Advanced Skills in Workplace Conflict Resolution” is an optional, hands-on, third day.

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“It is a wonderful feeling to literally see people’s eyes light up over the life-changing truths in this material. At the end of the presentation every person spoke with such energy and from a place of self-discovery.”

-Bronwyn Owen Kwazulu-Nata, South Africa

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