Transforming Workplace Tension & Mistrust

When conflict is widespread Thera Rising customizes a three-step process to meet your needs. 

Included in this package are:  

1) A seminar packed with skill-building and insights to dismantle factions and prevent future escalations.

2) A process for teams to identify and transform unprofessional or destructive group norms.

3) Confidential work with any pairs who need private facilitation to restore trust.

STEP 1: Experience the Seminar “Drama-Free Work”

During the day-long seminar teams discover the costly mistakes that lie at the heart of every escalated conflict, grapple with the self-defeating nature of us versus them mentalities and master techniques that help them manage frustration, disappointment and disagreement by being “hard on the problem, soft on the people.” In the afternoon they immediately apply their new skills to pre-determined hot spots within your organization.

STEP 2: Create a Code of Conduct

In step two, participants apply the seminar’s principles directly to behaviors within their team. This half-day, hands-on process uses the power of peer pressure to reinforce positive behaviors and gently nudge outliers toward healthier norms. Using self-assessment and prioritization, the team creates a Code of Conduct, a tool that eliminates behaviors that are barriers to a cohesive, productive team.

STEP 3: Resolve Conflict Between Pairs

Entrenched conflict between individuals cannot be addressed effectively in group settings. Consequently, Thera Rising works privately with any pairs that need focused attention. Whether the tension is between two executives or two front-line employees, we turn mistrust into a shared responsibility for the future.

About the Facilitator

Headquartered in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, President Anna Maravelas, Psychologist Emeritus, has successfully resolved more than 300 workplace conflicts and authored, “How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress” and “Creating a Drama-Free Workplace” (New Wheel • Weiser • Career Press). Discover why the New York Times named her “The best source on workplace tension and mistrust.”


“We had undergone massive, almost convulsive change and Thera Rising helped transform our workplace into one of greater harmony, communication and mutual respect. Their techniques are brilliant.”

- D. Badgerow, CEO

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