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“This is the best source on workplace irritability and tension.”
-Matt Vilano, The New York Times
“I attended Drama Free Workplace 12 years ago and to this day it remains the best seminar I’ve attended in my professional career.”
-Keith Raisanen, President, TyloHelo, Inc
“The best money we have ever spent.”
-Paul Jennings, Rolls Royce
“The feeling of relief at having peace restored was unexpected and wonderful.”
–Connie Menard, M.D.

Discover why FedEx bought 2,000 copies of Anna’s book.

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Seminars & Keynotes

Thera Rising offers customized seminars and keynotes that motivate, build critical skills, and restore trust.

Team Building & Conflict Resolution Services

Based on 30 years of experience and 300 successful resolutions we quickly identify and address the root cause of tension.

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Train The Trainer & Certificate Program

Tap our Train The Trainer and Certificate Program to become the go-to expert on workplace conflict and mistrust. The demand for expertise in this skill set is growing and urgent!

“Thera Rising came into our workplace eight years ago and we still use their materials. Their information is powerful!”

–Pam Corbeille-Lepel, VP, Lorton Data


Thera Rising International

Skills that Change Your World • Thera (Greek): To heal

Thera Rising’s strategies are based on resolving more than 300 workplace conflicts – efficiently, painlessly and permanently. Learn how to manage disagreement without drama using step-by-step strategies grounded in the sciences of neuroplasticity, biofeedback studies, and process improvement. Thera Rising is based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with associates in three countries and across the US.

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