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We offer a number of seminars tailored to meet a range of needs. Learn how we can help your workplace tackle any challenge.

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Team Building & Conflict Resolution

Escalated conflict is painful, stressful, and demoralizing. Our facilitators empower your organization to reverse the missteps that undermine productivity and pride in work.

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Certification in Conflict Resolution

Become the go-to expert on workplace conflict and mistrust with our Certification in Workplace Conflict Resolution!

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Learn the science of lifelong resiliency, happiness, teamwork, and trust at our blog, The Conflict-Savvy Brain!

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Open Seminars

Want to attend a public offering of our seminars? Check out our Open Seminars page!

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Thera Rising has over 30 associates across the world. Stop by and get to know us!

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"The best source on workplace irritability and tension."

The New York Times

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Thera Rising International

Skills that Change Your World • Thera (Greek): To heal

Thera Rising’s strategies are based on resolving more than 300 workplace conflicts – efficiently, painlessly and permanently. Learn how to manage disagreement without drama using step-by-step strategies grounded in the sciences of neuroplasticity, biofeedback studies, and process improvement. Thera Rising is based in St. Paul, Minnesota with associates in five countries and across the US.

We partner with every type of agency, and every size to:

Speak at conferences • Offer in-house seminars • Facilitate advanced training for leaders
Provide team building • Resolve conflict between 2 or 200 individuals
Offer Train the Trainer in our core seminar, “Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People®”
Bring our methodologies in house, or train your professionals in our methods via our popular course
“Certification in Workplace Conflict Resolution”




  • Why is Everyone on the Internet So Mean?
    It’s no secret that there’s a lot of anger and hostility on the internet. Whether it’s the comments section of a not-even-slightly-provocative news piece, the chat room in your online game of choice, or your social media feed, it can sometimes feel like decency is the exception rather than the rule. Granted, there’s also plenty […]
  • Hard on the Problem, Soft on the People
    Imagine for a moment that it’s time to hold someone accountable. This person can be a colleague, classmate, family member, friend, or anyone else. What adjectives would you use to describe your approach. Strong? Great! Persistent? For sure! Assertive? Absolutely! Now how about Warm? If you listed that last one, congratulations! Go to the head […]
  • We’re Back Online!
    Greetings! As you may have noticed, we’ve had a lengthy lapse in activity here at The Conflict-Savvy Brain. We had a long string of trouble with website hacks that brought us offline, but we’re happy to report that things are back up and running once again. Thank you very much for your patience, and we look […]


Thera Rising is based in St. Paul, Minnesota


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