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Thera (Greek): To heal

For more than 30 years Thera Rising International (TRI) has provided proven strategies to preserve and restore workplace trust and cohesiveness. President and founder, Anna Maravelas, Psychologist Emeritus, has successfully resolved more than 300 conflicts, and saved organizations millions of dollars. She is the author of “Creating a Drama-Free Workplace: The Insider’s Guide to Managing Conflict, Incivility and Mistrust” (Career Press).


Based on her findings, TRI facilitates; ground-breaking keynotes, hands-on seminars, effective team-building projects, strategies for struggling teams, and a step-by-step process to resolve widespread, complex conflict.

Avoid the subtle patterns that turn constructive disagreement into widespread, toxic power struggles.

At the end of their seminars attendees often ask, Why hasn’t someone told me this before?! TRI’s materials reverse mistrust and help organizations prevent escalated conflict by eliminating reflexive reactions to disagreement.

Their strategies have been featured in more than 35 publications, and podcasts, including Forbes.com, Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, MSNBC, Leadership Insights, and Harvard Management Review[View more.]

TRI has a growing cadre of associates across the US, and in Finland, South Africa and the UK. Associates facilitate TRI’s seminars and team-building projects, or, they will transfer their strategies to your in-house professionals, via “Advanced Skills in Workplace Conflict Resolution” and “Train the Trainer” in their premier seminars, “Drama-Free Work” and “The Conflict-Savvy Leader.®”


Thera Rising International

After several years of resolving escalated conflict Maravelas began to recognize the subtle patterns that were turning constructive disagreement into toxic, widespread power struggles.

Maravelas realized that 100% of her clients were making the same handful of mistakes, regardless of the setting.

Maravelas discovered that the most costly, unaddressed obstacle to productivity was the inability to resolve cross-functional mistrust.

After synthesizing her experiences, she launched her own company, and emerged as a thought-leader not only in resolving conflict but preventing common responses that lead to destructive disagreement.

She learned that malice rarely drives conflict. More often, lack of skill and insight allows disagreements to escalate. Consequently, in their training and projects, TRI illuminates the common mistakes and far-reaching consequences that underlie mistrust, while providing strategies for a more unified future.

In 2002 Maravelas incorporated Thera Rising International (Thera: Greek to heal) and continues to resolve scores of workplace conflicts ranging in size from 2 to 200 individuals. In addition, she trains leaders, employees, and internal HR professionals in their proven strategies.

TRI’s approach leverages current research in neurobiology, psychology, system thinking, and continuous improvement.

Contact us to learn more about how to eliminate workplace drama and begin your journey to the culture you desire and deserve–a workplace full of integrity, pride in work, and trust. We bring our methods to your workplace on your schedule.

Anna tackles a complex issue, that is present in all organizations, in such a clear and simple manner that it seems almost unbelievable. But it is not! I have invited Anna to speak on this topic at various organizations I have led, and in all cases her work and information have been transformative. She offers real solutions for real people! Her work is amazing!

–Joyce M Helens, President, Great Basin College


Anna Maravelas, Psychologist Emeritus, M.A.
Founder, Thera Rising International

Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA


Anna Maravelas worked as an Organizational Development Specialist in a variety of nonprofits, an EAP, a manufacturing facility and a process improvement consulting firm.

Regardless of her place of employment, she discovered that the most costly, unaddressed barrier to productivity–and the success of new initiatives–is the organization’s inability to resolve cross-functional mistrust, and end debilitating disputes between individuals.

In 2002 Maravelas incorporated Thera Rising International and transformed her experiences into inspiring keynotes, engaging seminars and effective conflict resolution projects. She trained scores of facilitators in two ground-breaking seminars, “Drama-Free Work” and “Conflict-Savvy Leader.®”

Maravelas also offers training for seasoned, internal professionals in “Advanced Skills in Workplace Conflict Resolution.” These strategies reverse workplace tension in teams and between individuals–efficiently, painlessly, and permanently.

She is recognized across industries and around the world for her ability to transform negative cultures into climates of respect, fiscal responsibility and pride.

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Maravelas is a Psychologist Emeritus with additional training in system thinking and process mapping. Prior to his death, she briefly worked with Dr. Edwards Deming, the founder of Lean Consulting, Total Quality, and Process Improvement. Anna studied conflict resolution at Harvard Law School’s Negotiation Project.

The New York Times named her, “The best source on workplace irritability and tension” and FedEx ordered 2,000 copies of her book!

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