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  • Individuals desire positive communities that are safe and blame-free. Yet most organizations struggle with mistrust, factions, avoidance and drama.
  • Thera Rising is recognized worldwide for our affordable and unique approach to reversing climates of tension and mistrust.
  • Our material and services are based on resolving more than 300 workplace conflicts. It is painless, effective and permanent.
  • Thera Rising has identified specific behaviors that destroy positive environments and allow trust and cohesiveness to slip through our fingers. 100% of our clients are making the same handful of mistakes!

We provide three primary services:

  1. We offer ground-breaking seminars and keynotes that develop unforgettable skills in your employees and leaders to prevent escalated conflict in the future. Our clients tell us they are using our materials years, even decades, later.
  2. We bring in seasoned facilitators to resolve escalated workplace conflict between 2 or 200 individuals.
  3. Leaders want to spread these life-changing ideas throughout their organizations. In response we developed a Train the Trainer and Certificate Program to transfer our expertise to HR and OD professionals. You can economically train everyone in your organization and become independent of external expertise to prevent and resolve destructive forms of disagreement.

We can help you build the climate you and your employees desire and deserve!


Malice rarely drives conflict. More often, lack of skill and insight allows disagreements to become destructive. In our training and projects, we illuminate the common mistakes and far-reaching consequences that underlie destructive disagreement, while providing a proven process for a more united future.

Over 30 years, founder Anna Maravelas has established Thera Rising as a leader in the fields of cohesiveness, conflict competence, and workplace optimization. Thera Rising has conducted over 300 successful conflict resolution projects and trains thousands of leaders, employees, and HR professionals in its strategies ever year. Our techniques have been featured in more than 35 publications, including Forbes.com, Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, MSNBC, The ABA Journal, HR Magazine, and Harvard Management Review[View more.]

Our strategies leverage neurobiology, psychology, system thinking, and continuous improvement, empowering staff to spot and short-circuit the common mistakes that underlie escalated conflict.

We bring our methods to your workplace on your schedule and your budget. Contact us to learn more about how you can eliminate drama and begin your journey to a workplace full of integrity, pride in work and trust.



Anna Maravelas, Psychologist Emeritus, M.A.
Founder, Thera Rising International

Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA


Anna Maravelas has resolved more than 300 workplace conflicts and has built a reputation for restoring trust, resolving conflict, and improving productivity in organizations and businesses across the globe. She is the author of Creating a Drama-Free Workplace: The Insider’s Guide to Managing Conflict, Incivility & Mistrust (Red Wheel Weisser/Career Press).

Maravelas transforms her experiences into inspiring seminars, keynotes and exceptional conflict resolution projects. For testimonials go here. 

Every year, Thera Rising teaches thousands of leaders, employees, and HR professionals how to preempt and resolve escalated conflict and mistrust. These strategies reverse workplace tension and disengagement–efficiently, painlessly, and permanently.

She is recognized across industries and around the world for her ability to transform negative cultures into climates of respect, fiscal responsibility and pride. She has a graduate degree in psychology with additional training in system thinking and process mapping. Anna studied conflict resolution at Harvard Law School’s Negotiation Project.

The New York Times named her “The best source on workplace irritability and tension.”

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