Strategies for Drama-Free teams

Increasing Respect, Civility & Productivity

When teams are stressed, behaviors often deteriorate. Thera Rising has developed a safe and effective process to help teams identify their concerns, self-prescribe solutions, and commit to a more dynamic future. This proven solution empowers teams to remove barriers to cohesiveness and productivity.

This 1/2 day session typically follows the seminar “Drama-Free Work”, and it allows individuals to reinforce positive behaviors, and gently nudge outliers toward healthier norms.


1) Leaders and team members brainstorm group behaviors that are demoralizing or damaging cohesiveness.

2) Using weighted voting the group quickly narrows the list to the behaviors that the team considers most problematic.

3) Individuals are divided into small groups and each group creates a draft of new norms to replace unproductive behaviors from the past.

4) Each small group presents their draft to their peers where it is discussed and modified until everyone in the room is willing to adopt the new behavior.

5) A Code of Conduct includes agreements on how to disseminate, maintain visibility, and respond if an individual disregards the team’s commitments.

About the Facilitator

Headquartered in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, President Anna Maravelas, Psychologist Emeritus, has successfully resolved more than 300 workplace conflicts and authored, “How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress” and “Creating a Drama-Free Workplace” (New Wheel • Weiser • Career Press). Discover why the New York Times named her “The best source on workplace tension and mistrust.”


“The issues that presented obstacles to our progress have been removed. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with Thera Rising’s services.”

-Janine Moore, Director Children and Family Services

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