Julie Sampson

Julie SampsonJulie Sampson
Associate, Certified Trainer
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA


Julie Sampson is a Consultant and Certified Trainer with Thera Rising International. Her work with Thera Rising was drawn from a desire to see organizations build stronger cultures of cohesiveness and master the techniques necessary to manage destructive forms of workplace conflict. Over the past 16 years, Julie has been partnering with organizations by coaching employees for excellence in people skills and leadership development. Since 1998, Julie has also been a certified trainer with Dale Carnegie Training and coached hundreds of executives in strengthening presentation and communication skills. She has been an Executive Trainer for many in-house projects throughout the Saint Paul / Minneapolis area to develop the skills of employees and teams for better business productivity.

Julie resides in the Northern Metro of Saint Paul, MN where she lives with her husband and 3 children.