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Thera Rising International (TRI)
Thera (Greek): To heal

Over 30 years, and 300 successful projects, Thera Rising has refined strategies that painlessly and permanently restore trust.

We design and facilitate customized projects to fit your needs and budget, including…

1) Motivating, impactful keynotes
2) Skill-building seminars
3) Team-building projects between 2 and 200 individuals
4) Strategies for struggling teams
5) A process to resolve widespread, complex conflict
6) A train the trainer program and
7) Certification in conflict resolution for your HR and OD professionals

Don’t continuously resolve escalated conflict—prevent it!

Prevent destructive forms of disagreement including…

  • Drama-venting
  • Faction building
  • Stand-offs between key individuals
  • Wide-spread rumors intended to damage the status of others
  • Mistrust and negative reciprocity
  • Leaders and employees pressured to take sides

Our strategies have been featured in more than 35 publications, and podcasts, including Forbes.com, Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, MSNBC, Leadership Insights, and Harvard Management Review[View more.]

The most common barrier to productivity is unaddressed tension and simmering disputes.

Benefits to leaders and employees

  • Less anger and depression
  • Better health and resiliency
  • The ability to painlessly resolve tough issues
  • Alliances that last a lifetime – rather than “we used to be friends”
  • A legacy of success, integrity and respect

Benefits to organizations

  • The ability to pull together in a world of change
  • Seamless initiatives
  • Less tension between divisions
  • Cost savings ranging from thousands to millions of dollars
  • Resilient relationships with clients, suppliers, boards, governing agencies, etc.
  • The ability to eliminate conflict rooted in the design of work

We leverage evidence-based findings in neuroplasticity, psychology, system thinking, and continuous improvement.

Contact us to ensure a workplace full of integrity, pride in work, and trust.

We bring our methods to your workplace on your schedule.

Build the culture you desire and deserve.

The most common barrier to productivity is unaddressed tension and simmering disputes.

About our Founder and President
Anna Maravelas, Psychologist Emeritus
Founder, Thera Rising International
Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA

Maravelas has experience across a broad range of industries including nonprofits, manufacturing, upper education, corporations, law firms, process improvement groups, police and safety, wealth management firms, family owned businesses, consulting groups, etc.

In 2002 she incorporated Thera Rising International and is now recognized for her ability to transform negative cultures into climates of respect, fiscal responsibility and pride. She has trained associates across the US, in Finland, the UK, and South Africa.

Maravelas is a Psychologist Emeritus with additional training in system thinking and process mapping. She worked briefly with the late Dr. Edwards Deming and studied conflict resolution at Harvard Law School’s Negotiation Project.

She is the author of, “Creating a Drama-Free Workplace: The Insider’s Guide to Managing Conflict, Incivility and Mistrust” (Career Press) 2020. 

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I’ve kept these material in the top drawer of my desk for seven years and three promotions.

Graham Holden, CEO, Marshalls, UK

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