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How to Resolve Conflict Between Two Individuals – Painlessly & Permanently

Despite the painful costs of mistrust 88% of employees report that their supervisors handle conflict poorly.
BRIDGE THE GAP! Learn a proven, step-by-step process for permanently restoring collaboration between direct reports and key members of your teams.

This material is the “insider’s guide” from a facilitator and author who has resolved more than 300 workplace conflicts – they are proven strategies to universal problems.

At the end of the seminar you will be able to:

• React with confidence when individuals pressure you to take sides
• Transform attitudes of “us versus them” into a unified search for solutions
• Shift the focus from who’s “right” to eliminating specific behaviors that are destroying collaboration
• Dismantle adversarial factions and achieve lasting resolution despite conflicting accounts of past events

About the Facilitator

Headquartered in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, President Anna Maravelas, Psychologist Emeritus, has successfully resolved more than 300 workplace conflicts and authored, “How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress” and “Creating a Drama-Free Workplace” (New Wheel • Weiser • Career Press). Discover why the New York Times named her “The best source on workplace tension and mistrust.”


“Everyone in a supervisory position needs this seminar.”

-L. Malpass HR Director

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