Bronwyn Owen

Bronwyn OwenBronwyn Owen
Out Research and Marketing
Durban, South Africa

Bronwyn specializes in sales and customer service for Owen, Adendorff & Associates (Pty) Ltd.

Bronwyn previously was in a full time sales position with a plastic packaging company, generating new business and servicing blue chip customers. Her skill and diligence was such that she was offered the role of Sales Manager. She turned down this offer in favor of marketing the Conflict-Savvy! programme. Her sense of “mission” and desire to make a difference in the South African society spurred her to forsake her high sales income in exchange for what she saw as being “work with meaning”.

Bronwyn says that what she found in our material is the “how” of doing relationships in a healthy, mutually beneficial way. Of equal importance, was her realization of the cost of dysfunctional relationships. Living in South Africa, with its Apartheid past, the need for reconciliation is great. To quote Maya Angelou: “When you know better, you do better.” Many in RSA do not know better, as they have not been given the tools and skills. Through the Thera Rising material they have the opportunity to learn life changing principles and techniques for reducing conflict and building relationships of trust.

Bronwyn lives in the wonderfully warm city of Durban, RSA. She is married to Winston Owen, with whom she shares two children. Together, they have led various initiatives in and through their local church, including feeding stations, youth work and creative performance art groups.