Donna Corbo

Donna Corbo
Associate, Certified Trainer
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Donna Corbo is a certified trainer in “The Drama-Free Workplace” and has 25+ years of experience working in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors. In addition to offering the valuable services of Thera Rising, she is trained as a Circle Keeper and leads circles that are models of conversation to build understanding and connection, have difficult conversations, and repair harm.

Donna also develops and facilitates relationship, parenting, and wellbeing workshops for partners and parents as a Certified Parenting and Couples Educator through the Gottman Institute.

Donna has known Anna Maravelas for many years and has been impressed by the transformational improvements her work brings to every aspect of people’s lives. Parents that attended Donna’s relationship workshops requested a similar experience for their workplace. She found that ” The Drama-Free Workplace” fits that need, as well as the needs of other business clientele. Donna became a Thera Rising Associate in the fall of 2017.