Three-Step Team Building

Build a lasting legacy of performance and pride

Workplace drama sabotages engagement and productivity. Escalated tensions drive employees apart โ€“ and customers away. From simmering resentment to roiling power struggles, the crippling repercussions of unaddressed conflict can be felt throughout the workplace โ€“ and beyond.

Our most popular package, Three-Step Team Building empowers your workforce to reclaim its culture, restoring pride and productivity. Highly effective yet surprisingly simple, this time-tested process can be applied across industries to a wide range of conflicts.

Some conflicts do not require step three: Resolve Conflict Between Pairs. In those cases, teams only go through steps one through two.

Note: When little is known about the root cause of a conflict, the facilitator may suggest a deeper exploration. For those cases, see Resolve Widespread Tension.

Step One: An Eye-Opening Seminar

Gain Skills, Common Language, and Insights

During this one-day seminar of Conflict Savvy!, teams learn the costly mistakes that lie at the heart of every escalated conflict, grapple with the self-defeating nature of “us versus them” mentalities, and master techniques that help them manage frustration, disappointment and disagreement. In the afternoon, teams immediately apply their new skills to predetermined hotspots within the organization.

Step Two: Code of Conduct

Gently Reverse Unprofessional Group Behaviors

In this half-day session of Conflict-Savvy Teams, participants apply the seminars principles directly to behaviors within their team. Participants harness the power of peer pressure to reinforce positive behaviors and gently nudge outliers toward healthier norms. Using self-assessment and prioritization, the team creates a written Code of Conduct โ€“ a tool that effectively eliminates behaviors that divide team members.

Step Three: Resolve Conflict Between Pairs (optional)

Privately and Permanently

Entrenched conflict between individuals cannot be addressed effectively in group settings. Thera Rising works privately with any pairs that need focused attention. Whether the tension is between two executives, two front-line employees, or a supervisor and their direct report, we turn mistrust into a shared responsibility for the future.

Pricing and Return on Investment

Costs for team building projects vary depending on the size of the group and the steps the planning team deems necessary for lasting improvement. Gallup, Inc. puts the cost of interpersonal tension and lack of cohesiveness at 34ยข on every payroll dollar. Our conflict resolution work consistently earns return on investment between 600% and 900%.