Leadership Development & Coaching

Learn to build resilient cultures and high-performance teams

Developmental feedback becomes increasingly important as leaders rise in organizations. Yet feedback often becomes less frequent and less reliable as leaders acquire power and status, causing many to plateau in critical leadership and interpersonal skills.

Thera Rising provides leaders with feedback that is:

  • Credible yet confidential
  • Specific and constructive
  • Delivered in a respectful and dignified manner
  • Lasting in its effects

Project Definition

The client, sponsors (typically the client’s supervisor), and a Thera Rising facilitator define the project scope, determine assessment tools, identify the parties to be interviewed, and select interview questions.


The facilitator conducts eight to twelve one-on-one interviews, clusters the responses, removes identifiers, and provides the client with a copy of their data. Summary of the feedback is structured, supportive, and specific.

Developmental Plan

The client and facilitator design development goals based on insights gained during the interviews.

Closing the Loop (optional)

Clients have the option to convene their feedback group, thank them for their input, discuss their goals, and ask the group to suggest specific behaviors to support their success.

Ongoing Coaching

Coaching is customized and includes training, individual exercises, roleplays, practice, observation, and ongoing feedback.


Followup is determined by project scope and generally occurs at months three, six, and twelve.

The client plays an active role throughout the process and gains the skills to reduce anxiety, increase investment, and forge lasting change.