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Workplace conflict and drama can undermine even the best intentions. Thera Risings facilitators can empower your organization to reverse the missteps that undermine productivity and pride in work.

Escalated conflict is painful, stressful, and demoralizing. Employees are relieved and grateful for a process that addresses the root cause of tension, repairs relationships, and restores cooperation. Over 30 years, Thera Rising Institute has resolved over 300 workplace conflicts – efficiently, painlessly, and permanently. Your success story – and lasting resolution – are just a few clicks away!

Three-Step Team Building
Three-Step Team Building

Empower leaders, staff, and teams to reclaim their organizational culture. Restore pride, productivity, and collaboration to troubled teams.


Resolve Widespread Tension
Resolve Widespread Tension

When the root cause of conflict is hidden, our facilitators begin with a preliminary review, enabling lasting, painless, permanent resolution.


Leadership Development & Coaching
Leadership Development & Coaching

Leverage vital, confidential feedback to strengthen your skills and develop collaboration within teams.


Train the Trainer
Certification in Workplace Conflict Resolution

Master a time-tested, data-driven process for building conflict competence within organizations, and turn feuding colleagues into rock-solid allies.


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