Process Improvement & System Thinking

Optimize workflow and boost engagement

Discover why system thinking is taught worldwide to the next generation of leaders. Use system thinking and process mapping to create seamless, intrinsically satisfying workplaces, enhance employee and customer satisfaction, and resolve long-standing issues that rob workers of pride in work.

Employ system thinking to solve problems, eliminate bottlenecks, improve workflow, highlight interdependencies, reduce blame and apathy, and create collaboration between divisions and stakeholders.

You will leave this seminar with tools that transform barriers to productivity, camaraderie, and cooperation. Learn why between 85 and 97% of frustration and tension in organizations are linked to problems in systems, not people.

At the end of the day you will be able to:
  • Increase your influence and effectiveness by using process maps to educate, motivate, inform, and problem solve
  • Improve key processes that dictate the effectiveness of teams and organization
  • Use simple process maps to improve cooperation, satisfaction, and alignment between work groups
  • Streamline processes within and across departments and build cross-functional commitment to camaraderie and mission
  • Motivate employees for excellence and continuous improvement
  • Build an organization that meets and exceeds customer expectations