Conflict-Savvy Teams

Code of Conduct

Avoidance, incivility, and lack of cooperation undermine productivity and sabotage morale. Yet most leaders lack training in how to address these subtle – but destructive – behaviors.

Join us in a proven process that empowers teams to remove barriers to cohesiveness. This half-day session allows groups to reinforce positive behaviors and gently nudge outliers toward healthier norms. In this follow-up to the seminar Conflict Savvy!, a facilitator guides participants in forging a Code of Conduct that enshrines the culture they desire and deserve.

  1. Participants individually brainstorm group behaviors that erode cohesiveness and harm productivity
  2. Team members narrow the list to a handful of behaviors they consider most damaging to cooperation and productivity
  3. Working in small and large groups, participants create alternative behaviors to replace their old norms
  4. Drafts from the small groups are presented to the large group and modified until every team member is comfortable adopting the new behavior, starting the following morning

The code empowers everyone to promote more professional and respectful behaviors. Individuals who previously felt isolated and powerless in the face of destructive or disrespectful behaviors are now able to speak with authority.