Pam Wyess

Pam WyessPam Wyess, Master of Science—Administration, Business
Associate, Certified Trainer
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Pam Wyess is a certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach and a sought-after leadership trainer and speaker. She works with clients in a variety of fields, including healthcare, manufacturing, government, and higher education.

Since founding Workplace Results LLC in 1997, she’s worked with thousands to enhance leadership, communication, and employee engagement. Pam uses a number of professional development assessments and tools, designing customized solutions for her clients’ needs.

Prior to founding her company, Pam’s work as a police officer, and later as a police Lieutenant, helped polish her conflict resolution skills. She saw first-hand the challenges conflict brought to personal and working relationships and recognized the need for an efficient and effective approach for navigating those often emotionally-charged situations.

Pam is excited to add Conflict Savvy! to her training and coaching toolkit. “Helping people understand the WHY behind conflict is just as important as showing them the HOW of resolving it. The Conflict Savvy! model is a perfect framework to show people how changing thinking patterns—and ultimately their behavior—can positively influence their personal and professional relationships and environments.”