Our Story

Thera Rising is a training and conflict resolution organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota. We specialize in helping organizations avoid the human and financial costs of escalated conflict – such as lawsuits and employee turnover – by building conflict competence within the workforce. This ensures lasting gains and resilient cultures, and makes follow-up work unnecessary.

Its our belief that its rarely malice that drives conflict. More often, lack of skill, confidence, or insight turns disagreements destructive. In our training and projects, we illuminate the mistakes that underlie destructive disagreement, and their far-reaching consequences, while providing a proven process for resolution.

Over 30 years, founder Anna Maravelas has established Thera Rising as a leader in the fields of cohesiveness, conflict competence, and workplace optimization. Thera Rising has conducted over 300 successful conflict resolution projects and trains thousands of leaders, employees, and HR professionals in its strategies ever year. Our techniques have been featured in more than 35 publications, including Forbes.com, Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, MSNBC, The ABA Journal, HR Magazine, and Harvard Management Review.

Our strategies leverage neurobiology, psychology, system thinking, and continuous improvement, empowering staff to spot and short-circuit the common mistakes that underlie escalated conflict.

We offer our insight and strategies in keynotes, seminars, train the trainer, and executive coaching. Projects range in size from two to hundreds of individuals.

We bring our methods to your workplace on your schedule and your budget. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together.