Our Mission

Thera Rising promotes healthy communities, organizations, families, and individuals by removing barriers to cohesiveness and productivity in work and everyday life.

Conflict is everywhere. Some conflicts, like honest difference of opinion, is a normal and healthy part of daily life. But when handled poorly, conflicts can sabotage morale, undermine profitability, and tear teams apart. Even smaller-scale conflicts, like feuds between colleagues, can stifle collaboration and erode accountability.

Escalated conflict robs individuals of their dignity, creativity, and health, and diminishes potential within groups and communities. Through conflict resolution, conflict competence training, leadership development, and preparing associates, we provide a pathway to discovering common ground, uncovering mutual goals, and maximizing human potential.

Our methods equip staff and leaders to avoid and address these common hazards, and to cement cultures of integrity, accountability, and trust. Our classes and projects build skills within staff and leaders, empowering them to build the workplace cultures they desire and deserve, without developing a dependance on outside consultants.

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