Our Methods

Hard on the Problem, Soft on the People

Thera Rising has honed its comprehensive methodology over 30 years of preventing and reversing escalated conflict. Our methods are grounded in cutting-edge research in the fields of psychology, sociology, nueroscience, and business best practices.

Most workplace conflict is healthy and productive. But when handled poorly, these conflicts can spiral out of control, undermining cohesiveness, productivity, and pride in work. Our methods focus on empowering staff from top leadership to front-line employees to spot the common behaviors that cause conflict to become destructive.

Examples of Our Core Concepts:
  • Three Thinking Patterns: Blaming Others, Blaming Self, and Searching for Solutions
    • How each of these effects our health, productivity, and relationships
    • How we can help our brains default to productive thinking patterns
  • Adrenaline Flooding
    • The causes and physiological effects of flooding
    • How flooding can undermine well-intentioned individuals and groups, and how to avoid its pitfalls
  • The Negativity Bias of the Brain
    • How this deeply-rooted predisposition strengthens our perception of negative experiences, while downplaying positive ones
  • Reciprocity: The most reliable predictor of behavior
    • How to interrupt cycles of negative reciprocity
    • How to build powerful cycles of positive reciprocity
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Root Cause of Tension
Reflective vs. Reflexive Assumptions

Opening the Dialogue
Opening the Dialogue